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zMealPlanner offers a weekly menu with semi-personalized food portions based on gender and activity level. 


This beginners' weight loss plan will provide a weekly menu to be followed 6 days of the week and gives you 1 day off to re-set.

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Weekly Menu

A new menu is released every Friday with the purpose of giving you enough time during the weekend to prepare for the upcoming week. 


These weekly menus contain food portions to help with your weight loss goal. No more guessing what foods are appropriate for your journey.


You have 2 menus available per week, you can alternate these menus, or follow only one of them throughout the week.


Substitution Foods

Swipe right or left to replace any food you do not like or prefer not to eat. Other options similar in calories and macronutrients are available.


Find supplements and more at discounted rates. From protein powder to meal prep containers that will help you stay on track with your nutrition plan. 


Fitness Challenges

Join any of the fitness challenges included in your subscription. 

If you wish to delete your account, tap on the button located at the bottom of the Home Screen.


Shopping List 

Healthy Recipes

Fitness Challenges

30-Day Free Trial

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