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These nutrition plans are personalized and oriented to advanced users that are willing to put some extra effort into their days. A stricter program is designed based on the results of your initial assessment. All Elite services are provided through my 'Elite' platform. NOTE: The Elite platform is different than the zMealPlanner app.

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Choose your nutrition plan

  • Personalized Plan

    Cada mes
    Weight Loss Nutrition
    Válido por 3 meses
    • Personalized weight loss plan
    • Weekly personalized menus
    • Weekly updates required from client
    • 3-month commitment
    • All communication and weekly updates through the app
    • Does NOT include training program. Nutrition plan only
  • Bikini Competition

    Cada mes
    Personalized nutrition and training program
    • Weekly follow ups from client
    • Client must have knowledge of macronutrient allocation
    • Client must be familiar with gym equipment and exercises
    • Prep time depends on current body composition
    • Posing practice through photos and videos
    • ONLY serious participants. This is not a ‘pretend’ diet plan
    • All communication and weekly updates through the app
  • Strongman/Athlete Plan

    Cada mes
    Get stronger with proper nutrition and perform better at your sport
    • Ideal for strength, muscle gain and sports performance
    • Weekly follow ups required from client
    • Client must have knowledge of macronutrients allocation
    • Client must be currently following a strength program
    • This is a nutrition plan only. No training program included
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